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Becoming a Wholesale Buyer

We can now offer you the opportunity to start using our wide range of natural Aloe Vera and Beehive products and to purchase at wholesale prices from the very beginning.

 30% Discount

We have found that many people want to use these high-quality, natural health and beauty products on a regular basis, but they have no interest in developing a sales business. As a Wholesale Buyer you will be able to purchase at the 30% discount price. You can place your orders directly with your local Product Centre as and when you need supplies - there are no targets to be met. The minimum order value is 50 at the wholesale rate.

Our large product range encompasses Natural Health and Fitness, Nutrition, Skin Care, Beauty, Cosmetics, Weight Management, and Animal Care (see product brochure for more details).

The Company
This is a solid, very dependable company, established in the UK in 1993. The parent company, Forever Living Products, was launched in the USA in 1978 and has a worldwide turnover in excess of a billion dollars per annum. The UK company has achieved an annual turnover of over 20-million in just six years of trading.

The Products
Our range of natural, superior quality, Aloe Vera-based products help to repair and maintain the body naturally, and will promote optimum levels of bodily health and fitness for all ages. We also have a range of natural supplements - free from any synthetic additives - containing only natural and bio-available ingredients. Aloe Vera gel has been shown to promote detoxification of the body, leading to improved digestion, absorption and elimination; to accelerate skin and deep tissue healing with reduced scarring; to boost the immune system, increasing resistance to infection and shortening recovery times; to increase energy levels and improve stamina, with better sleep patterns and enhanced mood.

As a Wholesale Buyer you will have an FLP identification number: in addition to purchasing at wholesale rates, this allows you to attend the various training courses on the products in our range. Here are some of the courses on offer:

Dr Peter Atherton was, until recently, a General Practitioner in the Health Service. For the past five years he has been the medical advisor to the Forever Living Products' Board of Directors, and he has written a book on Aloe Vera in Medical Practice. In his entertaining and informative half-day course he details his experience of using Aloe Vera for a variety of conditions in his practice, and presents some of his research results from his 2-year Research Fellowship at Green College, Oxford. He also covers the 4,000 year history of Aloe Vera.

Dorne Parker is the advisor to the Forever Living Products' Board of Directors on beauty, cosmetics, skin care and nutrition. She holds a regular whole day on Sonya Cosmetics; half a day on Nutritional Supplements; and a whole day on Skin Care and Beauty including a demonstration Facial and Body Wrap, the Aromatherapy products, and Weight Management.

David Urch is the advisor to the Forever Living Products' Board of Directors on Veterinary Medicine. He runs a regular half-day course on Aloe Vera in Veterinary Practice (he has just published a book of the same name), based upon his 20 years' experience of treating large and small animals and pets. He is totally committed to using our natural products whenever appropriate, as a complement to standard veterinary procedures.

What to do Next
Please contact me so I can explain how you get started as a Wholesale Buyer, and I will also be pleased to answer any questions you may have about our product range. You will be very welcome to come along to a company Open Evening or Business Luncheon if you wish, but this is not obligatory. I look forward very much to hearing from you!

Did you know that ALOES is mentioned in the Holy Bible at least 5 different places?

Num 24:5-6
Ps 45:8
John 19:38-40
Song 4:13-15
Prov 7:17-18