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Top 10 Facts about Forever Living Products Company

  1. 22 year track record of uninterrupted growth around the world
  2. 1999 turnover of $1.295 Billion
  3. Operating in over 70 countries world-wide
  4. Cash rich and debt free with over $1 Billion in assets around the world, predominantly in the leisure industry - Southfork Ranch, ski lodges, trail lodges, waterway marinas, hotels, etc.
  5. World's largest producer of Aloe Vera and products from the Bee Hive
  6. FLP is vertically integrated: we own the land, the machinery, the manufacturing and distribution facilities, the research and development, all the stops along the way, so that the distributor is assured of world-class products at realistic prices
  7. 7 years of uninterrupted growth in the UK
  8. 1999 UK turnover of 20 Million
  9. Ranked by Dun & Bradstreet as the 12th fastest-growing, privately-owned company in the UK in 1998
  10. DSA 2000 Award for Innovation - for investment into infrastructure in the UK - 10 Area Development Centres for regional training and distribution around the country - as well as our head office at Longbridge Manor